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M. Grassineau Raymond <br clear='all' /> La résidence du Puits Liloux <br clear='all' /> 5, rue du Puits Liloux <br clear='all' /> 17630 La Flotte en Ré For Antioche, Bougainville or Caravelle, please, contact us to (+33) 688 140 700 \ (+33) 608 983 550. For Doris, please, contact us to (+33) 643 955 025

Terms and conditions

Rates week-end : medium and low season only.

  • Supplies of sheets and towels upon request with an extra.
  • French holidays cheque are accepted.
  • Animals accepted after approval.
  • For availability of rentals, you can try this link (provided that the update has been carried out) : Calendar of availability.
  • From 1st october to 30 april, electricity is additional : 0,18 euros / kwh.
  • Price for week-end : only during low and middle seasons.
  • See also details for conditions of location (in french)

Terms and conditions in details

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